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    TORN Gaming Mouse, black-red

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TRACS Scart Video & Audio Cable - for PS3, black

Product No.: SL-4412-BK

The SCART cable is the easy way to connect your PS3® to your TV, whether it’s a CRT or modern flat-screen set – plus it offers much better picture and sound quality than a simple AV cable. What’s more, the additional phono/RCA output also lets you play the PS3’s stereo audio through your hi-fi system.


  • SCART-RGB cable for the PS3®
  • PS3® AV connector to SCART plug (21 pin)
  • crystal-clear video and audio transmission
  • additional phono/RCA outputs to play stereo sound through the hi-fi system plus a composite video signal output
  • ultra-flexible cable
  • effective shielding for optimum picture and sound quality
  • robust, secure-fit connectors
  • 1.7m cable

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