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    LUCIDIS Comfort Illuminated Keyboard - USB, black

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10-IN-1 STARTER KIT - for N3DS XL, black

Product No.: SL-5252-BK-01

The ultimate accessory pack for your N3DS® XL console: the STARTER KIT includes a robust case so you can carry your console and games safely and securely, a really large and comfortable touchscreen pen, game protector cases – and lots more besides. The STARTER KIT offers maximum convenience and the ultimate in protection for your console and accessories – whether at home or on the go.


  • Starter pack for the N3DS® XL
  • Protective case for the console and games
  • Large Touch Pen
  • Protector film set for the screens
  • High-quality microfibre cloth
  • 5 robust game protector cases
  • Wrist strap for maximum safety and security
  • Ideal for travelling

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