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    PLECA USB C to USB A Hub, silver

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KALLIOPE VX Stereo Headset - USB, black-silver



  • Filesize: 2,01 MB
  • Description: QIG SL-8775-BKSV

Frequently Asked Questions

The headset microphone is very quiet – how can I increase the recording level?
To do this, enable ‘Microphone Boost’ or ‘Microphone Boost Control’. In the majority of Windows® systems, you’ll find this function in the Control Panel under the ‘Sound’ option – ‘Recording’; in some cases it may even be located in a submenu. That said, this function might not be available on some systems depending on your sound card.
Is this headset compatible with Mac?
This headset is compatible to Mac and works with the Mac internal drivers in stereo mode.
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