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    SILK Mousepad, Ant

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KAPPA Mouse - Wireless USB, pure-white



  • Filesize: 1,10 MB
  • Description: QIG SL-6313 V1.0

Frequently Asked Questions

My mouse is installed properly and recognized by my PC/Laptop, but the mouse curser does not move.
Please unplug the USB receiver and press and hold the left and right mouse button as well as the mouse wheel. While holding the mouse buttons, please plug the receiver in again and keep the mouse buttons depressed for another ten seconds.
How do I adjust the resolution (sensitivity) of the sensor?
You can switch between the three sensitivity settings by depressing both the left mouse button and the scroll wheel simultaneously and holding them depressed for three seconds. The settings are: low (800dpi), medium (1200dpi) and high (1600dpi).
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