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ATHERA Multi-Profile Keyboard - Bluetooth, black



  • Filesize: 3,33 MB
  • Description: QIG SL-7438-BK V1.0

Frequently Asked Questions

Why don’t the three indicator LEDs for Caps Lock, Num Lock and Scroll Lock light up?
These indicator LEDs only light up when the keyboard is in USB mode. In wireless mode (Bluetooth®), they remain off to save power thereby extending battery life.
Does the keyboard also work with Windows Phone® devices?
In contrast to Windows® for PCs and Windows® RT, Windows Phone® version 7 or 8 doesn’t support Bluetooth® input devices (HID devices). As such, the ATHERA – just like other Bluetooth® devices – is incompatible with these devices.
Can I also use this keyboard with my PlayStation® 3?
The ATHERA is a Bluetooth® HID input device so it is also compatible with the PS3®. That said, you can only use it to navigate menus and input text; you cannot use it to control games. In addition, you can only use some of the hotkeys. Problems in using the keyboard cannot be ruled out as a result of PS3® firmware updates.
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