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    LOOTER Gaming Chair, black-white

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Opinions de la presse

INVICTUS Core Gaming Mousepad

2014-09-15 - Techfire, 2014-09-13, Score: 5/5 Stars

For almost 30 € the Speedlink Invictus is already available and it is definitely worth it.

SL-6262-BK INVICTUS Core Gaming Mousepad, black

LEDOS Gaming Mouse

2014-01-23 -, 2014-01-23, 5 points of 5

"It is gratifying to see that obviously one manages to produce an overall good and favourable mouse that does not make a bad impression by any means."
"In this price range, concerning the equipment and good finish, you will hardly find any other useful products."

SL-6393-RD LEDOS Gaming Mouse, red

XEOX Pro Analog Gamepad - USB, black

2013-04-17 -, 2013-04-17, Preis-Tipp

"Particularly noteworthy is the soft, non-slip surface of the controller. The matte surface is covered with a rubber coating, which ensures the controller to rest securely in the hand. After longer gaming sessions, the Speedlink Controller even left a better impression than the original of Microsoft. "
"The given performance, combined with the low price, also let it earn our price Tip Award."

SL-6556-BK XEOX Pro Analog Gamepad - USB, black

XANTHOS Stereo Console Gaming Headset - für PS3/Xbox 360/PC

2012-06-28 -, 2012-06-28

"Great build quality, stylish design and everything works smoothly. This headset is recommended without hesitation."

SL-4475-BK XANTHOS Stereo Console Gaming Headset - for PS3/PS4/Xbox 360/PC, black